Monday, July 29, 2013


My shoe is fine I think! I wore it like 3 times this week and it's not falling apart again! So I think it will be fine. If not there are a bunch of members who can help me out. They always want to do everything they can to help us, so I think I'll be fine!

This last week was a little cooler than the last few but still hot. It's like if it's hotter than 40 degrees it doesn't matter if it hits 45 or 50, its all the same. You kind of just zone out and think about something else. But what's really different here verses Sinaloa is that in Sinaloa when there's wind it cools you off a bit, but here when there's wind it's just more burning hot air hitting you, and the shade doesn't give you any relief either. You kinda just have to learn to love the heat and appreciate it when the members give you cool water or an helado. 

All 3 of our baptismal dates fell this week because their parents weren't going to be in town, but we'll see if we can get them baptized not this week but the next week. We put 4 more fechas this week for the 10th and the 17th of August, and they all look pretty sure! So hopefully we can put a few more! There are a couple people that are active in the church that just don't want to get baptized so we're going to work really hard with them too, and maybe we can have a baptism or two this week or more the next week! Who knows, but we're going to have success here, I think!

This week we've been working really hard. We have been going back to the houses of old investigators, and haven't had too much success with them, but they're giving us a lot of references, and those references are helping us a ton.

Right now I'm going to help a lady with her house so if I have more time I'll write a little more later! But if not you'll hear from me next lunes!

Love you!
Elder Lund

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