Monday, July 15, 2013


So right now I'm in an area called Castillo in the most south part of the city of Obregon. Guasave was my old Zone, right now I'm in one of the zones here in Obregon. I'll send a bunch of photos in a minute, I'm in the house of a member right now because their computer is free, but it won't send pictures so we're going to a cyber to send them after lunch. So like at 4 or something.

This week we have a baptism for a guy named Juan Carlos. On Tuesday we took him and his wife to get married, so he can get baptized. He's like 22 years old, with 2 kids and his wife's 18 years old. She is a member, but was inactive almost her whole life. He's really excited and ready. So I'm super excited too! It'll be my first baptism to count for the mission. We also have 3 little kids who are kids of some inactive members in a little city outside of Obregon. They have a baptismal date for the 27th, so hopefully we can work with them and get them ready for that.

This week it was 52 degrees here. I didn't believe my little thermometer, so we walked to this bank that shows the temperature and it was the same! Oh and the road was so hot that my shoe split, like almost in half. But were going to take it downtown to fix it. I guess this happens to almost every missionary here in Obregon at least once.

We have a lot of people getting ready for baptism, but we have nobody for after them. So right now were searching really hard for new people.

My crazy experience for this week was we met this guy who told us he wanted to get baptized in the first 30 seconds after we started talking. So of course we went into his house to teach him. But after about 30 seconds my companion and I felt weird, and decided to leave. On the way out of the house he followed us and started asking weird questions about the bishop. He asked us if he lived in this house down the street (the bishop's old house) and we both just said yes. After we left we called the bishop right away and he told us a crazy story about this guy. Apparently he is an ex boyfriend of a sister in the ward. And since she's divorced, and the president of the relief society the president has to meet with her in the ward council meeting every week and has to stop by with his councilors every month. So apparently she kept saying every week that she had to meet with the bishop, and when they broke up he thought it was because she was in love with the bishop. So the next day he went to the house of the bishop with a pistol and wanted to kill him, but he wasn't home. So that day the bishop bought a new house on the other side of the ward and never went back to his house. And it turns out this guy that wanted to kill the bishop is a guy that people pay to kill people. So he's no stranger to killing people, and it would be no problem to kill the bishop. So we're definitely not going to go back there.. ever.

Well I'm going to eat right now so I'll send the pictures in a couple hours! 
Elder Lund

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