Monday, July 22, 2013


Geez California looks so fun! I hope you're all having a great time! When I saw the photos I almost got jealous but I think I'd rather be here! So this week we baptized Juan Carlos and we have 5 fechas for this Saturday, but in all honestly they're all probably going to have to wait a week or two more. This ward that I'm in is awesome! I'm in the most ghetto part of Obregon, so everybody is really humble and accepting of us. Which is really nice for the work!

    The mission president from Hermosillo sent all the ¨frito¨ missionaries here to Obregon to get rid of them. So I was scared that my companion was going to be one of them. But we're working SUPER hard and I love it. We have a ton of people with a whole lot of future baptisms. So hopefully they will follow through. We have a goal to have more than one baptism every week. And here it's more than possible. The Obregon and Culiacan and Hermosillo and Tiajuana missions are the hardest missions to get baptisms in because everybody is so cold toward God because of all the violence, but for some reason this area just took off and we're going to have a lot of success! Our ward mission leader said that this ward's starting to look like the wards in Mexico City (that means its super easy to baptize) so hopefully it will continue to give us people!

    Right now I'm in the district with just me, my companion, the zone leaders, and the assistants. So I'm surrounded by super crazy good missionaries and I'm learning a ton. 

So I bought super glue to fix my scriptures a while back, and I just put some glue on my shoes, and so far it's been alright. They are my fancy ones, but i think they'll be fine. If not I can buy a tennis ball and glue it to the bottom! Today I'm going to try again to send pictures but who knows if it will work! Hopefully!

Scott, Elder Perez, Juan Carlos and family

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