Monday, July 8, 2013


This week we had transfers, and I got sent up to Obregon. I just got here like 2 hours ago so I don't really know much about it, but it seems pretty cool here. But man! It's so dang hot! Right now its like 41 degrees, but I guess last week it was like 47.. But our house has air conditioning! So finally I will be able to sleep without dying! It was 103 degrees in our house last night when we went to sleep. In Angostura the house was just cement, and that just bakes all day in the sun, then at night its like a furnace! But here it'll be nice to have an air conditioner. My new companion is Elder Perez, he's from the same ward as Elder Lopez in the D.F.
I guess here it won't rain as much as in Culiacan, but the Hermana told me to keep my rain coat, because when it rains, it rains hard. And we had interviews with our new mission president, and he's really cool. He seems more laid back then President Cantu, but he's definitely still going to be good. And I didn't get my package. I think its still in Culiacan. So hopefully next month! 
This week we had the baptism of a kid named Richard. I'll send photos. That was on Saturday. It was a nice way to leave Angostura.
Here we had the zone meeting on the 4th of July, and the new president had all the Americans go sing the national anthem in front of everybody. It was pretty funny, I bet you'll find the video of us on the missionary mom website. Besides Elder King, Lopez, and I all celebrated by eating a cake. (Elder Lopez was born in new York and lived there for like 5 months, so we decided that was American enough to celebrate with us)
Besides that we really didn't have a lot go on this week. But ya its cool to be in a whole new area. Everything up here is so different. But I like it so far!
Love Elder Lund

O I forgot to write what things I learned this week! Our Mission President showed us a video about miracles, and it talks about how with small things God has been able to do great things. But I got a little different thing out of it. It talks about Moses splitting the Red Sea with his staff, and about David killing Goliath with his pebble. And what I got out of it is sometimes we get caught up in trying to be David or Moses, and do these huge miracles, but more often than not, we're not the people achieving the miracles, we're the staff or the pebble. And when these things are in the right hands, like Moses or David, or in our case, the Lord's, miracles happen. If we just do what we have to do we will see the miracles that the Lord works through us.

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