Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Visa is Here!

Scott's email this week:

Tell everybody happy Easter for me! 
Tell Kevin good job and to keep grinding! Tell Matt also that his letter is on the way! I forgot to send one back!
GOOD NEWS! I went into the Mexican Consulate yesterday, and got my visa! I leave on Monday just as planned. The lady said that It was the craziest thing she ever saw that we all got ours on time! I'm so excited! Just realizing Camille is out there already gets me so happy and excited.

The craziest story of the week however belongs to Elder Whitehead's girlfriend. She is the one who the doctors said had cancer. She wrote him an email that Sunday, and said I don't know why but I feel so much better. The next day she went into the doctor and found out there was no cancer or anything, Once she got home she had a letter from Elder Whitehead. It told her that we had all fasted for her. The doctor told her that he must have messed up and diagnosed something that wasn't there. But She, Elder Whitehead, and the rest of my zone know what really happened. I heard that to those that believe, nothing is miraculous, only marvelous. But if that's not a Miracle, I don't know what is. I know the Lord is watching out for us. He answers our prayers. I'm so glad that I got to see that story first-hand.

I cant wait to leave on monday. I feel like I don't know the language, the doctrine well enough, or have what it takes. But that doesn't scare me one bit. I know the lord will bless me and make my weaknesses strengths. I have no fear, or even any nerves about going to Mexico. Just anticipation.
Le amo Familia! Adios, Elder Scott Lund

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures from Elder Lund

 This week we finally got some pictures from Scott. However they weren't labeled, so I'm just making assumptions about who they are.

 This must be Scott's MTC district. His companion is on the left.

 I'm thinking this is his zone. Scott and his companion are zone leaders.

 This is Scott's friend from home who is in Korea by now. Their farewells were on the same day.

Another picture of Camille and Scott. Apparently Scott and his companion were able to give Camille and her companion blessings the night before the girls left for San Antonio.

I have no idea who or what...

Some of Scott's last letter...Fewer exclamation marks, a little more serious, but still positive:

Geez that month seems like a lifetime, and also seems like a day. Its so crazy here. When I try and remember what I did at night when writing in my journal I can't remember if I did it that morning, or the day before. It all totally blurs together. And the Spanish is coming really fast. We did a day where we didn't say a word of English, and it was easily the most frustrating day here. Lately everyday seems like the best day ever. No joke. Tell Kevin good job in soccer and to keep grinding! This week as district leaders we've had to rip into a couple kids to get their act together, which is always scary. But its weird, I can definitely notice that it's not me thats talking to them. The Lord is just using me as a conduit. And they have all had responses to our chastisement that they would not have gotten if i had just talked to them by myself. 
My companion is great. I learn from him everyday. Together we work hard to integrate the new districts into our zone and get everybody comfortable with each other. Today we get our third new district to orientate.
The District that didn't get their Visas on time just barely got them yesterday. And they leave tomorrow morning. Only 5 days late. As frustrating as it would be to be delayed, I think id be alright with it. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

News from the MTC

A couple of paragraphs from Scott's emails home:


Me and my companion could not be more different! he listens to Mozart in his car back home! im not even kidding. But its perfect for me to have someone like that!

Any way my district is great! I already have a bunch of super close friends!
Yesterday M. Russell Ballard spoke at our devotional, that was amazing! The spirit is so strong here all the time!
The language is coming along SO much faster than i expected, even though i am way behind the rest of my class, I've probably improved more than they have! they all took spanish for years in high school and college!


This week has gone by SO fast! We Started teaching our second investigator, Fabiola, yesterday and its gone really well. Its Amazing how much of the language i can already speak. There is no way I could have learned even half of this on my own. We taught a TRC also. They are just members, acting as themselves, and we go and teach them a lesson. Its all in spanish, and apparently most of them are struggling in their own personal lives. Its pretty cool how they trust us to talk to people, in spanish, for 40 minutes, when we've only been here for 2 weeks.

Me and my companion (Sorry Mommer!) have been doing great! Every lesson it seems we prepare super hard for a lesson and end up teaching something completely different, but we always seem to be on the same page! We got called as Zone leaders starting this sunday which was quite a surprise!
Any way love you guys!