Wednesday, March 6, 2013

News from the MTC

A couple of paragraphs from Scott's emails home:


Me and my companion could not be more different! he listens to Mozart in his car back home! im not even kidding. But its perfect for me to have someone like that!

Any way my district is great! I already have a bunch of super close friends!
Yesterday M. Russell Ballard spoke at our devotional, that was amazing! The spirit is so strong here all the time!
The language is coming along SO much faster than i expected, even though i am way behind the rest of my class, I've probably improved more than they have! they all took spanish for years in high school and college!


This week has gone by SO fast! We Started teaching our second investigator, Fabiola, yesterday and its gone really well. Its Amazing how much of the language i can already speak. There is no way I could have learned even half of this on my own. We taught a TRC also. They are just members, acting as themselves, and we go and teach them a lesson. Its all in spanish, and apparently most of them are struggling in their own personal lives. Its pretty cool how they trust us to talk to people, in spanish, for 40 minutes, when we've only been here for 2 weeks.

Me and my companion (Sorry Mommer!) have been doing great! Every lesson it seems we prepare super hard for a lesson and end up teaching something completely different, but we always seem to be on the same page! We got called as Zone leaders starting this sunday which was quite a surprise!
Any way love you guys!

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