Monday, August 5, 2013


This week went by so fast it's ridiculous.. I have no idea where it went. We worked so hard. And on Saturday we have a baptism for a girl named Myra. She's 11 and going to be the first member in her family. But she goes to church every week and knows everything. She lives like 2 miles from the church and has to walk most Sundays but she goes to church and mutual on Tuesday. The next week we have 2 fechas but one is a crazy dude so it probably won't happen. But the other is a kid that has 16 years. And he's super cool. He's beyond ready to be baptized but we didn't think he would be ready for 6 weeks when we set his baptismal date, and he out of nowhere progressed like crazy. So we're really excited for them. 

Our mission president loves us like crazy, I don't know why, but he called us to tell us that he wants us to baptize every week because he thinks we can do it. I feel like its just a test to see if we really have the faith to do it. I feel like he's going to put me as a trainer or district leader this next transfer.. Who knows, but I'd be super stoked to do either one. But really I just want to keep doing the same. Because I don't have to worry about anybody besides my investigators. Right now we don't have a whole ton but we have enough to keep us busy all day every day, and I'm comfortable where I'm at now.

This week in the morning I prayed to find somebody and a house that I'd seen popped into my head. So in the night we went to the house to see if there was a reason. When we went nobody was home. So we talked to a neighbor, and he said that he was a member and had been waiting for us that day to stop by to invite him to church. I definitely learned that day that I need to follow every single prompting by the Holy Ghost.

So Mom I got your package on Friday, but it only had candy and the memory cards for my camera. Somebody took the USB and the watch. So today I'm going to just go to down town. Do you think you could just put some money on my card or something to buy a watch? ha I'd rather not wait another like 2 months to get one. But the candy was delicious! My companion told me the thing he loved about the states is the Twizzlers, and the next day my package came with Twizzlers! haha I've never seen anybody get so excited over something in my life! 

Oh and 2 days ago some people murdered 4 people like 3 streets from our house. But on the other end of the street, so super far away. But today they started looking for the guy that did it because yesterday was Sunday, so the day of rest, so they couldn't work. haha So they just started today! That basically sums up the police here. They don't want to do anything, but want to look like they do!

Love Elder Lund

He sent explanation for this photo :)

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