Monday, August 26, 2013


Buenas tardes! Como estan! This week was super fast. I feel like we worked harder than I ever have in my mission. It's super cool to be training, because you can start a missionary off right. There's a lot of bad trainers, and they start their sons off super bad. And then later they just get worse. But it's really fun. My companion's Elder Serrano. He speaks fluent Spanish and English because he's from Mesa Arizona. My compa started out super serious. But not in the good, serious about the work, kind of way. But as in the so serious he never smiled.. ever. So that was super hard to deal with because I like to laugh and have fun. But he's starting to come out of his shell. I think he just needs more confidence. But I feel like with more time he's going to learn how to be more happy and show emotion better! 

This week after we worked so hard it was a super bummer that we didn't have any investigators at church. We have 3 families and 3 different individuals that were super excited to come to church, but they just didn't come! Right now were about to head over with them and see what's up. But either way I still feel like were going to have a lot of success here.

It's crazy that we're already almost in September! The time just flies! But it still isn't even close to time to wish us home! haha I've barely even started!

This week I've been thinking a lot about the MTC and my first transfer in the field, and It feels like just yesterday, but when I think about all the stuff I've done and all the people and especially all the appointments and lessons, it seems like it's been forever. Last week I had a dream that I finished my mission and I was so bummed. I remember I was telling you that time went by so fast that I didn't remember anything from my last 8 areas. I remembered everything up to this transfer and everything else was too fast to remember!

This week we were teaching a family, and the dad is super strong Catholic. So naturally when he'd say something wrong I had the urge to tell him he was stupid and prove him wrong with a scripture. But I've learned that that never works. So I just listened to him and shared about the Book of Mormon, and he kind of just shut up and listened. Then we went back on Friday and he said he'd been reading it and thought it was true, but that he still doesn't want to change religions, because the church isn't important, only Christ is important. So I shared in Galatians 1 or 2:6-9 that talks about how if theres more than one gospel then it can't be from God, and he started listening, and comparing our bible to his. And he committed to read the whole Book of Mormon. Thats a commitment I'd never extended before! But it's what I felt like I needed to leave with him. And I really feel like he's going to read it and see if it's true. And what's cool is I know if he gets baptized than his whole family is going to follow him.

Well thats the end of my letter, Hope you had a fun time reading! haha
Love Elder Lund

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