Monday, August 12, 2013


Buenas Tardias Familia!

I just wrote like more than half of my letter in Spanish, then realized and had to delete it all. 

We had our baptism on Saturday. It was really cool. On Friday we did the interview and all and it she seemed pretty excited, but her mom still wasn't completely on board. She had said yes but it was more like an "I guess" kind of yes. Anyway right after the interview we went to her mom's house and talked to her. And while we were talking Mayra ran in and started to like pass out and stuff and wouldn't talk or anything or respond. So her mom got pretty scared and asked us to give her a blessing. When we left we all felt like the mom would use this as an excuse to say no to her baptism, so my companion and I decided to fast. On Saturday in the morning when we were filling up the font, we decided to text the mom and tell her the things that Mayra needed to bring for her baptism, like a change of clothes and sandals. And we didn't get a response for like 45 minutes. And finally the phone buzzed and she said that they were about to leave the house to come to the church. It was the best feeling when knew that she was going to go through with it!

This week we worked crazy hard but we didn't have the numbers that we wanted. But I have realized that numbers really don't mean or show anything. If we are working as hard as we can we will have the baptism, and thats really all that matters.

This week we have a baptism for a 16 year old kid named Carlos. He's super ready, and really excited. He's going to get his parents to come, and I think we will be able to baptize them in the next few weeks. This ward is pretty cool, and their getting more and more excited with the baptisms that we're having and are going to have.

Honestly its super nice to see how after working SO hard in Angostura with only one baptism, and a whole bunch of frustration, the Lord's now giving us recompense. It really doesn't matter the numbers but right now we are finally seeing the results of all the work, and it feels really good.

John 14:27
Love you guys

Elder Lund

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