Monday, August 12, 2013

Q&A from Grandma and Grandpa

Buenos Dias Suecos from Mexico!

So this week we did get to baptize Mayra. It was a pretty cool story but ill tell you about it in my email to my mom.

So for those questions.

1. About rejection, it really doesn't bother me. God is preparing people in our area in some way or another. We just have to find them. Here we are only allowed to contact people in the streets or knock doors if we have a "Strong" impression to do so. So the way I see it, when i get those impressions and I talk to someone in the street and they say no, its just a test of faith. Theres a lot of stories about how President Monson follows basically every impression that he gets from the spirit without thinking. And because he does this, the Lord trusts him more and more and gives him more and more impressions. So when we get rejected its a bummer because this soul really is super close to salvation and says no, but it means God's going to trust us more and give us more people.  So really it hasn't really bothered me.

2. My favorite thing we eat here is either Ceviche con Camaron, or Pozole. Ceviche is like a bunch of tomatoes and spices with shrimp or soy or fish, that you eat with toasted tortillas. And Pozole is this soup with garbonzo beans and meat and onions and who knows what else but they're so good! The craziest thing I've eaten yet is called menudo and it is like pozole but it either has cow intestines or like the cow skin. It sounds awful but I didn't know what it was and I ate it and it wasn't bad, then my companion told me later that it was cow skin, and I almost died! haha but its alright! Here there's also a bunch of hotdogs in the street. Every corner has like 2 stands. And here they're SO good! They put salsa and tomatoes and basically everything you could imagine on it and its amazing!

3. One good thing about my companion... Theres a bunch good about him. You learn so much from the companions you have. My compa is really patient with the people and loves them so much. He also has a super good memory, so we never get lost in the streets. That helps me out a ton, because mine is So bad, and trying to find a house on the other side of the area is pretty much impossible for me, but he just knows all the streets, so that makes it super nice!

4. My favorite doctrine to teach is definitely Faith. No matter what situation the person is in, when they discover the faith in Jesus and the atonement or the resurrection, they always feel something. They always have a million questions. And they Always fine peace. Of everything i feel like faith is the most important thing we can have in this life. I love to bear my testimony of times when faith has helped me. Every time we teach I feel something, and grow a bigger testimony as well as hopefully spark a testimony in them.

5. My study time is divided up like this: at 7:30 I study Spanish, then 1 hour of personal study, then 1 hour of companion study, then we work. But everyday I shower and eat really quick so I usually can find like 45 minutes in the morning before my Spanish study, to read whatever I want. And in the night I usually have like an hour to study what we're going to teach in the morning. I really love my study time. Its the most relaxing time of the whole day, and its in the air conditioning!

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