Monday, September 2, 2013


I had forgotten all about RSL! That's awesome that they're doing well! Here everyone is freaking out because Mexico is doing awful in soccer! I swear the whole country shuts down when they play! 

But this week was super rainy. I'll send you a photo later, but all the streets had like knee high water, so my little companion was almost waist deep! It was nice to get a break from the heat! But it's back up to full temperature now, so unfortunately it didn't last!

My companion is getting better and better every day. We're doing really well. We dropped more than half of our investigators this week, and are trying to find new ones. But I still think were going to baptize a couple this transfer.

This week we had 2 complete families that we we're teaching, but we just dropped one. That was a super bummer, but they just never came to the church.. We are teaching Carlos' dad, and I think him and his little brother will accept a baptismal date, but I don't know about the mom yet. She doesn't really want to listen to us, but with time I think she will settle down.

We also have a 16 year old girl that is getting excited about the church. The problem with her is her brother got baptized then went on a mission. But when he was on the mission he didn't change much, so when he got home he was still an immature kid. So she decided if he didn't change with 2 years, then she didn't want to spend her time in the church either. Also the missionaries before would just go hang out with her family, and do nothing in their house all day. But now that she has us working really hard, and really interested in helping her progress, I think she'll get baptized. She went to church for the first time in like 1 year on Sunday, and we're teaching her with the bishop's daughter.

I haven't talked to anyone from my last area. I loved the people and everything, and I'd love to go back, if I end up Zone Leader in the same zone, but really we didn't have a lot of progression in that area. and almost none of them have phones or computers, so it would be really hard, And since they have all basically decided that its not for them, I don't see a huge reason to write them. But they still haven't gotten baptized. Nobody.

Thats so crazy how Grandma and Grandpa are coming home already! And Camille has less than a year left! My companion counted my days, and I have exactly 12 less than 200, so camille already has 200 days! I literally had forgotten about time till my companion came. I knew I had 6 months, but I didn't think about like what month it was, or really register the weeks or days. And I've noticed that since he's always thinking about time, its slowed down the time for me a little bit. Hopefully I can get him off that subject, and help him get lost in the work, so I can re-lose my self!

Its been really fun to train, aside of the fact I can talk a little more in the lessons, it's fun to see someone so young in the mission so ready and willing to serve, even though he hasn't seen any big miracles yet!

Lately I've been dreaming in pure Spanish, but this week I had a dream where I was called by the prophet and he said that I didn't do every thing I
was supposed to do in my mission and I had to go home and go to school, and when I woke up I was so mad. I was still in like sleep mode, so I thought I was really going home! And I think it was right then when I realized exactly how much I love the mission. I knew before that I liked it, and I wanted to be here more than home, but I didn't realize to what extent. And I'm super stoked for my 500+ more days here!

Love Elder Lund

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