Monday, September 23, 2013


Don't worry, the hurricane didn't hit us! Well it did but it didn't do anything. I don't know how to explain it, because I've never seen clouds so dark, or so mean looking, And the wind and rain during the first like 10 minutes was ridiculous. I've never ever seen anything like it. But then it just stopped. And the stars came out. Nobody here knows what happened. The schools had already canceled class for the next day, because it was for sure that the storm would hit extremely hard. But it just randomly left.
  There's a family that we taught on Saturday, from Aculpulco. And during the first lesson we committed them to baptism. The whole family. The dad told us that he had a feeling that something bad was about to happen about 15 days ago, and decided to come and live with a family friend here. And what do you know, a storm hit his city and leveled everything. The Lord protected this family, and prepared them to fall into our hands as missionaries. They are so excited about the gospel, and when I invited him to baptism, he literally jumped and said yes. I am so grateful to see the hand of the Lord in their life. He saved their lives literally, and gave them a life with their family forever.
  After an extremely hard week where we didn't find anybody, and had to drop a family that we had, and we just about got super depressed. But we decided that the Lord was trying us, and turns out he was. And the next day he gave us a family, and a lady that want to be baptized and they all look really potential.
  I can't believe that it's already almost October. I have more than 7 months in the mission, and it's just flown by.
  I cant wait until Camille and I get home and we can all go to the temple together. Even Kevin will be old enough!
Love you guys, have a good week!
Elder Lund

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