Monday, September 9, 2013


Geez, I can't believe Grandma and Grandpa are already home! They can finally relax and take it easy up at the cabin for a while! Tell them I love them! I was thinking yesterday about how I've been here for a while, and how in 2 changes its already going to be christmas, I couldn't believe how fast time has gone by.

This week was super frustrating because we couldn't find anybody, they just were never home, and we walked and walked and walked, then knocked on a door (that nobody answered) then walked and walked again. And it felt like we hadn't taught  any lessons all week, but by the end we look at our numbers, and at all the good lessons that we actually had, and It was a great week! I've learned so much by training. Ive learned how to take charge and do what I know is right, and it feels real good. My companion is such a great missionary, and sometimes I feel bad about how hard I work him.. But you know how I am, When someone is giving 100%, I demand 110%. And he's rising to the challenge and I love it because it inspires me to be better too. He has almost come completely out of his shell and were having a lot of fun while we're working insanely hard!

The baptisms aren't coming this transfer as easily as they did last transfer, but we're starting to see positive signs. One problem is members. They love when missionaries go to their house and stay there for hours and eat with them and basically are just lazy with them, because they don't realize that if they're with the members, they're not teaching people. And I'm not lazy so we basically only go with members for the food, and if we are going to ask for references. So this transfer they think we're being lazy because we don't really go to their houses a lot. So they refuse to give us references or come with us to lessons. And they always say, why would I go with you to a lesson if you never come talk to me. And we always explain, we aren't called to go spend all day with the members. We're called to bring souls to Christ. And we don't do that when we sit in their house. So it's been super hard to find people and teach them without the members. But we, just his week, found 2 families that are super excited about the church, and I think are going to get baptized. But I just don't know when. One has to divorce his wife and marry his girlfriend, and that can take months. And the others have to work on Sundays until October. But I really don't care if I baptize them, I just want them to get baptized some day. And I feel like someday they will.

O I almost forgot to tell you! Some guy tried to rob us with a hammer. He came up to us while we were eating at a members hot dog stand and said Give me 10 pesos and acted like he was going to hit me. So I said I don't have ten pesos, and he told me to give him the money again. So I changed to subject to the Mexico soccer game that they played that night, but he wouldn't stop telling me to give him money. But he was super drunk and I knew he wouldn't hit me with his hammer so I just kept telling him to leave, but he kept yelling at me to give him his money. So I told him, hey man is that a police man? And he turned and looked, and ran away. haha I thought it was the funniest thing ever! But what was super funny is that like 2 months ago when he was just as drunk, he robbed 2 tiny little Mexican missionaries of all the money and their cell phone, and we didn't give him anything and got him to run away! It really scared my companion because he's not used to the Mexico yet, so I always tease him about it. 

Have a good week! and tell Kevin to smile a little!

Love Elder Lund

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