Tuesday, June 4, 2013


     This week was great! I'm not sick anymore, and I can finally communicate basically with anyone. But seriously, writing this is super hard right now! I haven't talked English for like a month. Last week I kinda started thinking in Spanish, then for like 2 days I didn't think hardly anything, literally, my mind was blank of thoughts, and now it's almost pure Spanish. I guess my brain had to go into neutral for a bit to switch to reverse! But I'm getting really encouraged with my Spanish! In my first transfer I was positive that God sent me to Mexico so he could watch me try to talk with hand signals and noises, and laugh at me! But it's getting a lot better now. I know the grammar and stuff, I just need  a bigger vocabulary now. But it feels good. 
Of all those street contacts we have one person that's somewhat promising… But I did get told I can marry this dude's sister next week if I want, so that was cool too. 
   Wilber couldn't be baptized because he couldn't pay tithing, but this week he worked and got payed like 1 hour after church, so he has to wait another week to pay, so he has a fecha for this next saturday, along with 2 other teenagers. Norma and her daughter and son are going to be baptized whenever her divorce goes through. So it could be next week, or in 6 months. But she's got a crazy strong testimony, and is all ready to go.
  We are really good friends with all the members of the apostolico church here. The pastor and his son cooked us dinner last night. And they both have a really open mind. I don't honestly feel like they're very potential, but maybe people in their church (which is more than half the people in the area) will see us talking to him, and want to talk to us to. But also how cool would that be to convert a pastor! We would be able to teach so many of his congregation! 
    I'll find out on the 24th which mission I'm in. I feel like I'm going to get transferred, but I have no idea. President told me to be ready to train next transfer, but didn't say that I will be training. It made more sense in Spanish, but I most likely won't be training, but I could be. I think it would be way cool to train! Be able to get a missionary started out working hard! There are so many trainers that the president wants to get motivated by the new guy! But it doesn't always work.
  On p-days we have time we can go do stuff, but our area has nothing to do, and we can't play sports because we have to wear our church clothes everywhere we go (so people don't try to rob us cause we look like rich tourists), so we just take an, approved, nap and recharge our batteries, and I usually read the scriptures in English.
  This week was like 95 degrees the whole week, and everybody was wearing jackets and stuff. Oh and everybody is convinced that it's going to snow here in 2015 because last week was so "cold". Apparently there's an American dude on the news here and he was being sarcastic, but nobody here understands sarcasm, so they all are super stoked for the snow.
  It's pretty cool when you can just feel your testimony growing. You can just feel the spirit guide you in lessons, and even just walking in the streets, where to go, who to talk too, and stuff like that.
  Pues, Hasta Luego Familia! Tenga una buena semana!
Elder Lund

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