Monday, June 10, 2013


     Sorry I started to write, but then our neighbor called us and said he crashed his motorcycle, so we took him to the hospital. But thanks for those photos! It's so weird to see home! This week we talked to the mamá of Wilbur, and she said he doesn't get 18 years until August. So he can't get baptized until then. I don't really think any of them know when his birthday really is. They all did so many drugs, they can't remember anything! She told us she's seen Wilbur change completely 180 degrees, and wants him to keep going to our church and "be a mormon" and she wants him to be baptized, when he has 18 years. They're all SOO crazy! Those drugs really did a number on them! But we keep teaching him, and he always has some experience that he wants to share about when the church helped him that week. He is so ready, but his mom just won't let him.
    Our area is really frustrating because we only get 1 day a week in each city, so we don't get contact with our investigators very often. And when they're not home when we stop by, we have to wait for another week to talk to them. We also have to sit and wait for rides for at least 2 hours every day. So we talk to everybody that's waiting, but they all live outside our area so we don't get to teach them.
    Elder Lopez and I have led the mission in street contacts for the past 3 weeks, but NOTHING seems to be coming from our work. We found one family that is mas o menos potential, and beside that, nobody. It's super frustrating when you feel like you're working so hard, that you should be having success, but you don't have any. And the people that are potential, randomly tell us to stop coming, and it's just like come on.. But the dam has to be close to bursting! This area is so ready to explode with baptisms! Its just frustrating, because I want it to happen now! But everything is in the time of the Lord. I really do feel like we're being successful missionaries (By the definition in Preach My Gospel), we're just not having success yet.
    I was thinking this week, and I realized that home hasn't even crossed my mind for like 4 days, all I really think about is the investigators and where's the nearest shade. I'm really starting to love it out here. Everybody says that they loved every second of their mission and at the end they didn't want to leave, and at the first of my mission I didn't understand that, and I probably don't understand it still, but I'm starting to feel that way. I love all the people here, the members, the investigators, and the grumpy catholic grandpas that kick us out of their house. Life's good in Angostura!
    Last week when everybody was saying the hot has started, I wasn't ready for what would happen this week. The sun literally feels like its eating us. I put on sunscreen and Chapstick like 3 times a day, and I'm as tan as I've ever been, and I still burn! I don't even know how hot it was this week. I didn't bring my thermometer with me because I didn't want to know. But the plus is the mangos are starting to turn ripe! Every house here has a HUGE mango tree. And they all have some delicious fruit right now!
I'll try and upload a couple fotos, last week the computer didn't let me.
    Hasta luego! Les amo mucho! 
    Elder Lund

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