Monday, June 24, 2013


     So I'll start out first with transfers. I'm still going to be in Angostura with Elder Lopez for another transfer, so I'm officially in the Obregon Mission. I'm really excited that I'm not changing areas, because this area all of a sudden got potential.
     We started teaching a 9 year old of a member family, who isn't baptized because his dad was in Cancun for a year. So were going to baptize him this next Saturday, and also have 4 people scheduled for the 20th of this July. Also hopefully the apostolic lady will keep progressing.
     So about the Golden Investigator. Her name's Helena and she LOVES the church. Elder Goates and I gave her the pamphlet about the restoration like 2 and a half months ago, and she said she prayed and knew it was true the very first day. So when I went back with Elder Lopez for the first time in like 2 months, she was really excited to see us. We gave her a Book of Mormon and came back the next day and she was already in Alma 34. She is the sister of Norma, an investigator who is going to get baptized when she can get a divorce, (which should be the 18th of July) and she wants to get baptized with her. Problem is, she's moving to Culiacan this month, so the missionaries there will have to help her. But she's going to come back here to get baptized with her sister.
     With Rosario, the apostolic lady, she didn't pray about the Book of Mormon, but she did start reading. We only had time to visit her one time, but I'm almost positive she's been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. She still kind of wants to prove it's wrong, but accepted that only God can tell her. So she is going to pray. We're going back today, so hopefully she's gotten an answer.
     It's pretty cool how after those weeks where we didn't have any success, we are now getting rewarded for our work. We aren't allowed to fast here in the summer except for fast sunday, and then we have to drink water. But since we have a new Mission President starting today and he hasn't set any rules yet, we are going to fast after we eat lunch today, until tomorrow. We really just want our investigators to keep progressing to baptism, because we can't become complacent with the success that we're having. We have to remember like it says in Alma 26:12, of ourselves we are nothing, but with the Lord we can do all things. 
    This week I was reading a little in Ephesians, the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ, and in Ephesians 6:10-16 it talks about how we need to have on the full armor of God. And with it we can quench all the fiery darts of the adversary. Also in Alma 2:10 there's a story of Amlici (Satan) telling his army to take up their arms to fight the Nephites (People of the Lord) And for me this kind of says that satan has his army, he has his weapons, and he can do damage to us. Because, like it says in Jesu the Christ, we, as humans, are weak and can be taken over easily by satan. Being alone, we are no match for satan. But if we have on the armor of god, he can't reach us. The armor doesn't just make us invincible or anything. It just makes it so he can't get to us as easy. So if we have the armor of God, if were doing the things he commands and asks, Satan and his armies can't penetrate through our armor. I thought that was pretty cool. I never really thought about it that way. 

Love you guys, Have a good week!

Love, Elder Lund

Mexico Culiacan Mission with visiting apostle, Jeffery R. Holland (Scott is top row 6th from left)

Elder Lopez, Wilber, Elder Lund
Elder Lopez and Wilber

Elder Lund, Branch Mission Leader

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