Monday, May 27, 2013


Ya its definitely still hot as fire. This week actually wasn't too bad though. It was like 105 more or less. But the problem is it never cools down! I woke up at 2 in the morning and it was 95 degrees in our kitchen. Thank goodness I have a huge fan blowing on me all night!! But ya I feel normal in the heat now. And the supermarket is super cold to me now, and it's like 80 degrees! My backpack is doing fine! We used to bike like 10 miles a day, more or less, but one night we were biking and my pedal broke off in the middle of riding, so we haven't biked in like 2 weeks. And I feel like I lose weight, then we go and eat at a member's house, and they won't let you stop eating for like 3 HUGE plates, then I feel fat!  I feel like I'll be the exact same at the end.

This Wednesday I got SUPER sick with an infection or something in my stomach. And we don't have any money for this month because my companion had to come from the farthest south part of the mission and hasn't been reimbursed yet, so I had to take money from my card from home for a shot and pills, but they will put the money back onto my mission card. I also had to buy a taxi to take people to church yesterday. There is a member every week who takes us the 30 miles to pick up investigators and bring them to church. But yesterday he wanted to sleep, so we had to pay. And, yes, here that is a legitimate excuse. Its ridiculous how lazy this branch is. They complain every week that they don't have a chapel. And that we don't have baptisms. But they don't realize, missionaries get people ready for baptism, but they won't get baptized if they don't feel welcome in the ward. And they do nothing to welcome anybody because they're lazy. And they never do home teaching or visiting teaching, so all the baptisms go inactive.  In total I took 400 pesos from my card. But my watch somehow flew off when we were in the back of a truck, so if you could put one in that envelope that would be cool!

So we have this one investigator, Rosario, and he was super promising. Had a baptismal date for 2 weeks from now, and was all ready to be baptized. But one night his wife lost 1500 pesos. And they couldn't find it anywhere. So we told him to have faith and that everything would be alright. Then we shared Matthew 17 where it says with little faith people can move mountains. He said the closing prayer and said that he just wanted to be alright, and if he didn't find the money that it was ok. Anyway we came back like 4 days later, and he had found the money, but he now thinks with faith he is literally as powerful as God... He told us that he has enough faith that he changed the rules for himself so that he doesn't have to go to church or pay tithing. And that he doesn't need the blessings from those things because he can get anything he wants with faith. And he wont believe us that it doesn't work like that because he has faith, so he can change the rules so it does work like that.. So we had to drop him this week. 

We had a baptism set for this Saturday with a kid named Wilber. He has a testimony and is all ready to go. But he doesn't have money, so he can't pay tithing. so we're giving him a job at the church this weekend so he can earn a couple dollars and pay tithing on that. So looks like it will have to wait until next week. In our mission we have super strict rules for baptism. They have to go to church 2 times on their own (we can't even call them to remind them), never have a problem with word of wisdom or law of chastity for a month, and have to fast, and pay tithing before baptism.

O I found out that up in the new mission it's 10 degrees hotter in Celsius, so like 20 degrees hotter in Fahrenheit. So now I kinda want to stay in Culican mission!

This week we had a goal for 100 street contacts. We only got 74, but we met a ton of new investigators that are really potential.

Love you guys! have a great week!
Love Elder Lund

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