Monday, May 6, 2013

Exciting Times in Mexico

So, this week was the most frustrating week ever because we had the lider de misional (I don't know the word in English.. Ward mission guy) scheduled to work with us every day. But in the mornings he would always bail! So we had to work with no plans, and walk for HOURS to get to the pueblos he was supposed to take us to. So we felt like we weren't accomplishing anything. But the Lord blesses us if we work hard. And we worked HARD. So we didn't get down or let ourselves be mad, we just worked and did the best we could. And when we got our numbers for the week it was one of our best weeks. I don't know how, but it was amazing! 

I wasn't going to tell you this story because I didn't want you to worry but it ended up being pretty cool so ill tell you anyway!

We have an investigator named Norma. She lives with 7 kids in a tiny house with no water or electricity. They also have her daughter in law, Marie Cruz. who's like 25, living with her. So Norma is really interested and would be baptized if she would attend church. But Marie Cruz is dating a drug lord (I'm not kidding) and she is addicted to cocaine and meth. I really felt like we needed to teach Marie Cruz, like a super strong feeling. But It was weird because I felt like we needed to wait a little bit because she wasn't ready yet. So we kind of forgot about her for about a month and just taught Norma. Anyway on Friday night there was a shooting at a gas station like 4 blocks away from our house and 3 people were killed. (That's what I didn't want to tell you) I was super excited because thats the first crazy thing I've heard of happening since I've been here. Last night we went and visited Norma because she has had crazy work this last week and couldn't attend church. She works all day picking tomatoes, and only gets 5 hours off until she has to go back the next day. So we visited her and she told us that one of the guys that was killed was the boyfriend of Marie Cruz! And that she decided she wanted to stop doing drugs, change her life, and talk to us!! HOW CRAZY!!! It's so awesome how God prepares people. Even when drug lords kill other drug lords here it's God preparing his children! Coolest thing ever. That's how protected we are down here, too. When something crazy happens it's because God's giving us something to work with.

We also have an investigator who speaks English, which is awesome for me! He is 13, and his whole family are investigators, but they were gone for this lesson. We taught him the plan de salvacion and he said he felt good and peace. And we told him it was the spirit. He kinda was like cool, whatever, when we told him. But later in the lesson he said he'd been praying for more than a year for God to send him a sign, or a direction to take his life. And he hadn't connected the dots yet. So I told him, do you think maybe us being here is the sign from God? And he started crying and said he couldn't deny the church was true. That was awesome too.

This week was great! I´m honestly loving Mexico. Everything about it is awesome! Even the 110 degree heat!

Love Elder Lund

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