Monday, April 29, 2013

Pictures from Mexico

     We just opened up a new city that no missionaries have been in since any member here can remember, and probably ever. I guess like a year or so ago there was a crazy gang drug fight, there and so missionaries didn't go in there, but this area is one of the safest in all of Mexico now, and we decided to go contact all our references in that city. There literally couldn't be a nicer, more peaceful place in the world. Everybody is so nice there and they're all escojitos (Golden Investigators) to the max. There is this family, the Vazquez Cerritos, that are really interested and they decided to come with us to church yesterday to our extension. We only do sacrament meeting at the extension and it's under a tree in somebodies back yard with like 10 people max. But my compañero and I give talks every week. Any way they have a little girl with some crazy disease that she's not going to live through. She was born with it and now she's 10. And they don't let her leave the house so she doesn't risk anything. She has to wear a doctor mask all the time, too. Anyway when we picked up the family she and her twin sister had to stay at home and she tried so hard not to cry, but she loves the gospel so much that she couldn't hold it in anymore and she ran inside.
Hopefully we are getting more missionaries and splitting our area so they can have an extension in her city.
    We also adopted a kitten! haha We found it outside our church in Angostura. I'll send a picture of him!
    We have an investigator named Norma who is so ready to be baptized but she always makes up excuses on Sundays so she doesn't have to come to church. I think she's hiding something. But she only has to go to church one more time! That's it. And she won't do it!
    This week we brought my clock with the thermometer and it said it was 111 degrees. It's burning up here, and everybody keeps saying how happy they are that the summer heat hasn't hit yet.. The new mission is in the Sonora Desert, I guess, and that's the hottest part of Mexico by a lot. I'm kinda hoping I get transferred down to Mazatlan or something so i can stay in Culiacan.
    Tell Kevin and his team good luck in the playoffs! 

Love Elder Lund!

 Nice bike

 Scott's town in the distance

I'm guessing this is a member serving them lunch, but I'm not sure.

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