Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letter from Mexico

I´m in Angostura, which is on the north part of the mission, about 30 miles from the coast. My area has about 10 tiny cities around Angostura, which is about the size of Manti. Its a HUGE area with not very many people. We hitch-hike everywhere in the back of cars when we have to go over 15 kilometers, and ride our bikes that don't have breaks the rest of the time. Its Awesome! The people have houses smaller than our front room for like 8 people, and a bunch of animals. They have tons of dogs cause they don't fix them. So there are dogs EVERYWHERE. and they're all puppies cause the old dogs have all been hit by cars. It's so fun to play with them. We have a city called La Playa Colorada which is right on the coast, and another about 30 kilometers away from our city, so about 60 kilometers apart. Our apartment is smaller than our kitchen. It has no hot water, no clean water, and only 1 desk with 2 broken chairs. Everybody just has 5 gallon tanks of clean water that they refill all the time. The people are so sweet. They have nothing but they treat us like royalty especially when we go and eat with them. They gave me tuna fish and I actually liked it! ha I think that's because I know how much that cost them, so it tasted good. Kind of like dad's experience with Apple Pie! Also i´m in a super safe area of Mexico. So not super dangerous. But we still have to be inside at 8 because the bad people get out on the streets then. My Spanish is good for talking, but understanding has been rough. But I´m able to get the gist of what they're saying now, and respond, so it's been super nice.
The heat isn't too bad actually! I don't even notice it. Apparently its going to get about 15 degrees hotter in the summer but that's when it rains. I sweat like nobodies business, but I really am not bothered by the heat. Not even when I sleep, because I work so hard in the day, I'm so tired, so right when my head hits the pillow I'm out.
My mission president is so cool! and I absolutely love the food! The tortillas here are beyond amazing! We get fed lunch every day at 2:30 till 3:30 by a member. That's the big meal of the day here. Biggest adjustment has been waking up at 5, or yesterday at 4, because we go to bed earlier, or have assignments early. But It really hasn't been tough for me at all. The people are amazing, the food is amazing, but heat hasn't bugged me yet, the puppies everywhere are cool, and my companion has made Spanish easy for me.
We watched half of Sunday morning, and all of Sunday afternoon conference. It was about 45 miles outside of our area, so we had to hitch a ride. And we also had to bring investigators with us or we couldn't go. On Sunday morning we realized one of our investigators that was supposed to go didn't show up, so we left to find some investigators, and be exactly obedient. We walked to the corner of the block, and decided to go stand in front of the church to tell people to just step inside and listen. When we got back to the church we had 2 different investigators that had just arrived from our area. It's amazing how exact obedience works like that! Also I understood 0, so I prayed that I could understand. I expected to just understand more of the Spanish, but about 30 seconds later someone told me they had a computer where I could watch in English! Not what i expected but super awesome! If you could send me some notes of the talks that would be great!
0 goals!? (He means the OHS soccer team has 0 goals scored on them) Thats awesome! Tell them good job for me!
I´m so glad i don't have to work on the yard this year! i´m working harder now then i ever did on the yard, but Its easier to work hard here! Because I love the people here, and i didn't really care about our yard! haha
Here is awesome! you don't have to worry about me! I´m safe, and I´m having a great time!
Love Elder Lund

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