Monday, April 22, 2013

Frustrating Week

This week was awful! We didn't have any investigators at church, and 6 of our investigators had setbacks for breaking commandments. They have to wait a month from the last time they drank coffee or broke any other commandments, they have to go to church on their own twice without us asking them to, and they can't be living with someone they're not married to. The biggest problem besides coffee is they have boyfriends or girlfriends when they're married to someone else. They just move apart instead of getting a divorce because they have to travel all the way to Mexico City and pay a bunch of money to get a divorce so they just move apart. So they all are dating people that they're not married to. We also had a baptismal date for a lady and her son set for Wednesday, we cleaned the font and had the interview all set up, but she didn't go to church yesterday!! I was so mad! Also my companion and I got super sick! But we had appointments so we still worked all day, just as hard as normal, but It was so exhausting!

So this week was the first time someone has told us not to go to the south side of Amgostura because it wouldn't be safe for a couple days for us. That night when we got back into Amgostura we had to ride our bikes through that dangerous part of the city and there were literally like 50 cops scattered around, and checking every car going in and out of the city. They were here for like 2 days then one morning we woke up and they were gone. We didn't hear gun shots or anything, they just apparently got their guy and left without a fight.

Also apparently the US army is coming to Mexico and especially Sinaloa to fight the cartels, so a bunch of the members think that the American missionaries are going to be taken out of the Culiacan mission. But our mission president said that's not even being considered. So hopefully not. Oh but by the way I'm most likely going to be part of the Ciudad de Obregon Mission starting in July. So it doesn't even effect me if they do take the missionaries out! That mission is a lot safer, but it's still right along the drug trade. Right now I'm at the very south part of where that mission would be.

We also this week got thrown out of a house of 2 of our most promising investigators because their dad doesn't want them to leave the Catholic church. He told us he loves us and wants us to come talk to them but not about the church. Which is our only reason for being here so that kinda was a bummer.. But we know their neighbor is a menos activo so we're holding Noche de Hogar (I cant remember English anymore!) in her house, so hopefully we can animate her while we teach the two investigators.

So what the heck is happening around the world!? We keep hearing these stories, a little about Boston but not enough. And the middle east and stuff. But we have no idea. All I know is the people here keep saying '' I'm so glad I don't live in United States because it's so dangerous there" because they don't report here when a narco invades a school cuts all the kids heads off and sticks them on a fence.. They just hear about the bombs going off in the united states. There hasn't been a time here where I didn't feel 100% safe which is pretty cool, because I wouldn't ever walk around here if i wasn't a missionary. There's little houses the people build where people die, and there are a couple houses on every turn in the roads because they are drunk and drive into ditches, and in the city from being killed they have houses everywhere. But apparently its super calm here right now. But I guess it's about to go crazy.

So my apartment is the nicest one in the mission, but it's also the smallest. But I don't really notice cause I'm either asleep or sitting at my desk when I'm there. So it doesn't really bother me. But I would like a couch and water that's actually clean! The showers nice though! It's only ice cold, but it's way past a hundred degrees here so its nice to cool off. Honestly the nicest thing I brought with me is those handkerchiefs! So amazing cause I literally drip sweat during the lessons after sitting down for 45 minutes cause its hot! And when we ride bikes it's unreal gross!

I'm going to ask Elder Holland if he remembers Dad! Apparently Apostles have the best memories in the world! There was a talk on it in the MTC while I was there, but It was so long ago, so idk! Maybe it will get a conversation where I can get a picture with him cause we're only allowed a hand shake.

Thanks for the talks! I couldn't watch the links but I just printed out the written ones! And I'm feeling good. Still sick but that's how its gunna be for 2 years so I'm getting used to it! My companion likes to talk the whole lesson so I haven't been talking as much with other people as I would like, but I'm understanding almost everything so that feels good! I guess the people here are more direct and mean when they talk so its easier to pick up cause they don't use a bunch of fluff words. My problem is grammar, and now I've been doing spanish grammar its hard to use the english grammar! 

Love Elder Lund

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