Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"I Promise I'm Safe..."

Mom, I promise I´m safe hitch hiking! Ha, its so much nicer than riding bikes! Yesterday we had conferencia de Rama. So because the rama is a mission thing since its not a ward yet, President Cantu had to speak. He told us there that we can bring a few investigators to the meeting with Elder Holland! I'm so excited! Didn't Dad know his son in high school?
I see people, and specifically kids, that I feel so bad for. They all live the saddest life. No money, basically no house.. and no toys. And they all live with their grandparents, since their parents are on drugs or in jail and stuff. That's the story with almost all kids here. It's so sad. But they always are so happy. I just want to make things better for them. Almost all of the houses here have one main room made of cement, then they cut out doors to make other parts of their house with cardboard and stuff. There aren't a whole lot of houses just out of cardboard but there are some, they're called invasions. We had to do tithing yesterday, and the highest tithing was 150 pesos. That means they only earned 150 US dollars that whole month.. And that was the highest. I don't know how they live. We are always busy here which is awesome! We have 4 more investigators committed to baptism this week, but the biggest problem is they can't drink coffee or break any commandment for a whole month before they get baptized, so the dates keep getting pushed back. It's so frustrating.

This week we got chased by a member's puppy for about 2 miles on the way from Alhuey back to Amgostura. It was sprinting the whole time! I don't know how it kept up! We decided to bring it back to the house and decided that God didn't just let the puppy follow us for no reason to distract us and make us waste time. So we prayed to know why he kept us in the city. Right when we got done praying we saw Rosario. About 30 minutes later he accepted baptism. I know the Lord needed us in Alhuey. So he sent that crazy little dog to chase us and bring us back.

We also met a mom and a son named Sulema and Abel. They are the daughter and grandson of a reference we had. The Grandpa hates the church, but the mom and son love it. Also they have a friend Fernando who is super investigating the church. Anyway we meet in the house of the grandpa all the time to talk about the church with them, and they attended church on Sunday. They were both crying during the mission president's talk. They know it's true and accepted a fecha (Baptismal date) for the 11 of May. We also have this lady named Evelia, who accepted baptism for the 4th of May. But we haven't taught her in almost two weeks cause she's never home! so I don't know how that will work out..

This morning I realized I can read the scriptures in Spanish and it actually makes sense! It was pretty cool! I still can't speak hardly at all, but I can understand way better now!

Love you guys!
Elder Lund

The MTC district- 5 elders headed to Culiacan, 3 elders to Oaxaca Mexico, 3 sisters to Costa Rica

Scott and Camille with companions just before Camille left

Scott, Camille, and Hannah from our ward -Hannah left for Milan, Italy, at the same time Camille left for San Antonio

In Mexico with President and Sister Cantu (and Jesus)

 The new North American arrivals -5 from the MTC and 4 from Visa-waiting in other missions

 The apartment -looks about like his room at home. 

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