Monday, December 30, 2013


Buenas tardes! this week was super good. Nobody was home so we had to search for new people, and we found them. It was awesome. We had 7 investigators in the church and we’re going to baptize one or maybe 2 this week. We’re super excited about that! This week 196 people went to church. That’s crazy for a ward down here. Castillo was a huge ward and 120 went and in Angostura only 30. So here is literally paradise for missionaries! We have some 20 or 30 investigators progressing which is like 10 more than I’ve ever had before. So we have a lot of faith that they will get baptized. We have a lot of work to do which is also something I’ve never had on my mission. I’ve never had more than like 3 planned lessons in a week  but now we have like 5 every day.
To be honest this ward has so much money they hardly give us tortillas. Right as I told you I hadn’t had a day in 10 months without a tortilla I now get almost none. The food just doesn’t fill you up with out tortillas bien calientitas. 
The missionaries in our zone are awesome. We got blessed with the best zone in the mission. Right now things are looking pretty good.
Love you guys!

Elder Lund

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