Monday, December 2, 2013


haha I just started writing in Spanish. This week was really hard to get a hold of investigators and we taught less lessons than I ever have in all of my mission at 7 but we worked so hard and taught more than 20 to less actives and members. We met some new people and were still super excited.
The meeting was really good. It got everybody super excited. And since our bishop was already excited it pushed him over the top and now he’s going crazy about missionary work! I don’t know how long I have left in this area but it will keep baptizing for a long long time. 
I haven’t gotten the package yet but I will on Friday. I think the best way to do everything would be to send it to a member or family member that lives in the states that comes here and you can send it to their house real easy and they can bring it here. There’s ALWAYS somebody coming and going from here so whenever you want I can find somebody. And even more easy in the holiday seasons.
Here on Thanksgiving we ate some fried quesadilla something that was super good but I was super sick. I started throwing up in the night so in the morning I couldn’t really enjoy the food. And honestly i forgot it was Thanksgiving. But with tortillas everything is always good. I can’t picture my life without them now. I don’t know what I´ll do when I go home and there aren’t any!
Have a great week!

Love Elder Lund

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