Monday, December 9, 2013


My district is doing much better and finally having success! We’re in the hardest part of Mexico but still we’re in Mexico! and we’re teaching with the same spirit as those in el D.F. so there’s really no excuse not to be having success unless they’re not working! One or 2 bad weeks in a row is fine, but a whole transfer.. ha but at least they’re finally trying!

This next week I have transfers. They are coming one week early this time because the missionaries from the MTC are going to arrive early. But the next one is going to be 7 weeks. I feel like I’m leaving. I have 6 months here and my companion I think is going to train so I won’t be able to stay unfortunately.. I really don’t want to leave this area..

O by the way I forgot to tell you last week but on Sunday we went to a family home evening with a family and we have to be headed home at 9 but for some reason we felt like we needed to stay there a little longer than were allowed to. And they gave us a ride at 9:30. And it turns out that a little after 9 there was a party 4 houses from our house and somebody drove by in a car and shot like 20 times and killed 4 people. So thank goodness we stayed at the members house! And in our neighborhood they have killed like 8 in the last week and we live in the safest part of our area! But don’t worry nothing will happen to us.

It’s gotten super cold here too. Like 9 degrees Celsius. So like 50 degrees haha. But it feels SOO cold. It was like 100 a month ago then it rained and brought a whole bunch of cold air and it all of a sudden got so cold! 

Your package arrived but it didn’t have any candy except the hi chews you stuffed in my slippers. But I think all the rest of the stuff got here! Thank you so much!

I can call home whenever you want on the 24 or 25 but I can only talk for 30 or 40 minutes. But I can use skype.

Love you guys!
Elder Lund

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