Monday, January 6, 2014


This week was pretty good. I got super sick for a couple days with a super super high fever but I’m doing alright now! We worked super hard this week but didn’t have a ton of success. One of our investigators Andrès who was super excited to get baptized for the last 4 months but his parents wouldn’t let him finally got permission. But when he got permission he randomly got super unexcited and now says he doesn’t know if the church is true. So we got some work to do with him! We have a bunch of people and I think they have almost all gotten back from vacations so I think we`ll be able to find some more success this week!

People in America have no idea how to party compared to the Mexicans. They all go outside and shoot crazy fireworks that are basically bombs, shoot machine guns and pistols in the air and the next day when we we’re working there were people that hadn’t slept and were still drunk and partying and dancing until like 4 in the afternoon! People here go hard! 

I always knew that Josè Lemus would get baptized. He always had that feeling that he wanted something more. O and I don’t know why but this week I had a feeling that you guys need to baptize our neighbors.  Invite them to a steak barbecue or something and invite the missionaries. That would be a missionary’s dream family home evening because that family would be super awesome!

Love you guys!
Elder Lund

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