Monday, January 13, 2014


Mexico is awesome. Its starting to get hot again. It was like 90 something degrees this week and it feels amazing. I'm starting to hate the "Cold". Its not the funnest to get out of the shower and not be able to dry yourself off because once you dry the water off you’re drenched in sweat but its better than being freezing! haha. 

We could potentially have 2 baptisms this week, and I have faith that we will have them so we will have 2 baptisms this week. One of AndrĂ©s. He was super excited to get baptized but never could because of his parents, but they finally going to let him but he stopped reading and praying at some point during the 5 months that his parents wouldn’t let him get baptized and he started to get the Idea that if you’re just a good person you´ll go to the celestial kingdom and it doesn’t matter the religion. So we explained a little about how that’s a huge trick that the devil pulls to trick the people so they fell short of living with God again. But we told him not to just trust us and to ask God. So we´re going to his house to see his answer which will be a yes and he will be able to get baptized on Saturday along with another lady, who is going to have to find a way to get her husband to let her do it. But I feel like she has the faith so I think we should have 2 this week.

Yesterday my compa and I had a cool experience. On Saturday in the night we ended our planning sesh and I was praying to close it and  was saying the names of the people we wanted to see in church on Sunday and my mind went blank for a second and then  kept saying other names. After the prayer my companion asked me who Juan Carlos was, and I had no idea what he was talking about. He told me I had said his name, I assume when my mind went blank. Then he remembered an old investigator , that I had never met or really ever heard about, that never could go to church because he works in the mine and he always leaves at like 1 but since it was stake conference it started at 10 so he would be able to go. So we called his member friend to invite him and he came.

On Saturday in the morning we went with an investigator named Eunice, we knocked on her door and she sent us a text that said she couldn’t attend us because she was sick but that we could come back later. So we went with another investigator named Yanaqui, we hadn’t had a lesson with her in like 3 weeks because she went to Guadalajara. But we had an AWESOME lesson with her and after like 30 minutes told us she had to go to an appointment at the hospital with her daughter. So we ended the lesson and went back with Eunice and she was ready. If we had been able to teach Eunice at 10 we would have gone to Yanaquis house at 11 and she wouldn’t have been there and we couldn’t have helped her with all her doubts and she wouldn’t have come to church.

Love you guys so much!

Elder Lund

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