Monday, January 20, 2014


Neither Andrés or Alejandra got baptized last week. We´re going to see if they will this Saturday. But on Wednesday we have 1 or possibly 2 baptisms. One of a girl named Esmeralda and her cousin Jesus. They´re super excited and I think they will go through with it. We are also teaching Jesus´s mom and she is getting baptized on the 31 and possibly the mom’s cousin also. We´re working super hard and I think we´re going to see a bunch of success! The area is awesome and the ward is supportive.

My companion goes home in 2 weeks but he´s still working super hard! He´s taught me so much. I have never had a companion that really knew what he was doing like he does. So it’s fun to be able to learn from him!

This week we met a lady named Paulina. She was in the house of Eunice but she looked like she didn’t want ANYTHING and left the house like 2 minutes after we got there. 2 days later on Friday night we were walking in the street and a car stopped and a lady jumped out and started talking to us. And it was her. We started talking and she asked if we wanted to eat breakfast in her house the next day. Of course we said yes. We told her we would stop by at 10. When we got to her house the next day she was all ready and super excited. So we taught her. She has lost 2 babies. One in birth and one was still born. She had a lot of questions but it was a cool lesson. After she was going to Eunice’s which is who we had planned for 11. So she gave us a ride and we had another cool lesson with her and Eunice and they both accepted to come to a baptism that the assistants had in the afternoon. They Loved the baptism and Paulina accepted to come to church, which she also loved. We havent had any opportunity to put a baptismal date with here but we think she might get baptized with Eunice. It was super cool because Eunice was too scared to go to church alone, but Paulina is one of the people that really doesn’t get nervous about anything. So she went and picked Eunice up and took her to church. It was awesome because now they have the support of the ward and a friend that’s in the same place they are.

Love you guys! Have a good week!
Elder Lund

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