Monday, October 7, 2013


  It's finally starting to cool off here. Today is a little bit hot, but the last few days have been really nice. In the mornings it's starting to get cold, well just not hot, and it feels amazing!

  The family from Aculpulco is doing really good. The hermano went to the priesthood session with us on Saturday, and his whole family went yesterday in the morning. They're loving everything about the church. We just have to get them married. And that costs 1000 pesos. So I took that out of my account from home, and I think the church can repay me when I have the receipt.

  We had a really good lesson with the parents of Carlitos, and his mom accepted a baptismal date for the last day of the transfer. I think the dad will also get baptized on the same day, but I'm not sure. We're finally having a bit of success, and it's feeling amazing. I really don't want to have to leave this area, but I'm pretty sure this will be my last transfer here.

  Watching the conference was awesome. It was really cool to be able to understand everything. And on Saturday I watched the 2 sessions we went to in Spanish. But on Sunday I went with an Elder that doesn't speak any Spanish into the bishop's office and we watched in English. Even though I understand Spanish, the English is still so much better! To be able to actually hear their voices and everything.

  My companion is becoming a really good missionary. Sometimes I feel bad because I'm pushing him so hard, but he stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge. It's nice to be able to get home and just be completely exhausted, because you know you worked as hard as you could all day.

Love you guys

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