Monday, October 21, 2013


Feliz cumple años mamá! What is that, 29? haha Hope you had a great day!

So we were going to have a baptism of the Peleaz family on Tuesday, but they got told by a member about this coffee that’s made of soy and wheat, which isn’t against the word of wisdom, but they were putting uncaffeinated coffee in it for flavor, so they are going to have to wait till Saturday and be re interviewed to see if they can do it in the night on Saturday. So we fasted that they will be able to stop drinking it. We go with them almost every single day, and they last night told us that they aren’t having any trouble with the coffee. So I feel like we will probably baptize them on Saturday!! Tomorrow in the morning they are going to get married, and so my companion and I are going to pitch in and buy them a cake, but it will be 600 pesos, so I’m going to have to take like 25 bucks out of my card. This family is so special, I would honestly do anything for them. They are already starting to prepare their 4 year old son for the mission! They pay tithing every week, and the 8 month pregnant Hermana has already fasted! (We didn’t ask her to do it because isn’t that bad to do or something?) She just had something she wanted Gods help with, so she just did it! You guys would absolutely love them. They are so amazing.

We also taught a second lesson with a lady named Carolina who lives in a little town like 30 minutes outside of the city. But she accepted baptism for the 23 of november. So Hopefully I don’t get moved in the transfers on the 9th so I will be able to see it! She is extremely ready to hear and accept the Gospel. Not quite as much like the Peleaz family, but pretty dang close! We’ve had a lot of investigators come and go this transfer, but we almost always seem to have work. And if the people that chose work or other things over the gospel don’t accept it now, in the future they will need it, and they will remember the feeling that they got when they talked to us, and will long to have that comfort with them more, and when their time comes, they will join the church.

So if your sending the package, if you could put in a white shirt and like 3 pairs of socks that would be great! These socks are amazing, but like 10 kilometers everyday is starting to take a tole on them! I think my shoes will last the rest of my mission, but we'll see. They have a really really thick rubber bottom, but its a little less than half gone now, So I feel like it will definitely last until I get back! And No I haven’t gotten the Dvd’s or the picture book yet, So I you could put them in there that would be great!

Can you believe 8 months already flew by! I personally can't. Ive been in this area almost 4 months. Its crazy how fast it goes by. In 2 weeks Camille will be half way done!

Well Love you guys!

Elder Lund

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