Monday, November 11, 2013


I`ll start with transfers. My companion and I are staying together for the 3rd transfer. By the end of the transfer I will have 6 months here. It’s crazy how fast time flies. This transfer I got put as District leader which should be cool. I’m super excited for our area, and I think we`ll have some success. I love the people here in the area so much, and honestly don’t want to leave after this next transfer either..
This week we had a some success with new investigators we found, but only had 2 in church. But the coolest moment of the week is when we met this lady from Mesa Arizona. She was a 23 year old that had 3 kids, used to be addicted to meth, and apparently dances at a strip club. She’s from Colorado so we talked all in English, and when she was telling us about her life I just prayed that the Lord could help us make some change in her life in some way or another. Anyway we had a lesson of like an hour and a half and at the end she had started crying because of the spirit, and accepted baptism and the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. It was the craziest change I’ve ever seen in anybody so fast. She left to go to Arizona where she lives with her mom, so i passed the reference up there and I’m hoping I hear about her baptism soon!

Its kind of crazy how I’m ALWAYS tired, but never want to sit still and do nothing. Grandma asked me how the mission has changed me most and I'd definitely have to say in my work ethic and my decisions. haha I feel like I haven’t gotten super mature yet and I still love to laugh and have fun, but now when its time to work I can put my head down and work hard.

Everything here´s going great! I’m loving it and I’m excited to have 1 more transfer here!

Love Elder Lund

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